Traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

Quality that is at the level of excellence.

Feeling the perfect taste and style.

ТМ Billerbeck - European manufacturer of bedding for sleeping.

Billerbeck was founded in 1921 in Germany. It is a family owned brand that designs and manufactures bedding.

Today Billerbeck products are manufactured in 5 countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian representative office of the brand has two modern production complexes and a large warehouse with an area of ​​about 1000 sq. m. The volume of production is more than 100,000 items per year!

Not to spoil what nature gives us is one of the main principles of the brand.

Traditions are carefully preserved in production, and are improved taking into account technological progress. Billerbeck has combined hand and machine work, spirituality and precision, preserving the original qualities of the finest raw materials.

The range of the company:

• Blankets that warm in winter and cool in summer.

• Pillows - classic, orthopedic, anti-allergic.

• Products for children, promote good rest.

• Mattress covers that provide protection against contamination.

• Blankets for a pleasant stay.

• Bedspreads - stylish and sophisticated.

• Products for expectant mothers that improve the quality of rest, help to relax and give comfort during sleep.

• Exclusive pillows and blankets made from natural organic materials.

• Exquisite design bedding made from 100% cotton.