Pillow Lotus

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White, cream
Хлопковая ткань, простеганная с овечьей шерстью
100% sheep's wool (balls), France
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Lotus is a unique pillow that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. Pillow "Lotus" is filled with small woolen balls made of pure high-quality French sheep wool. The filler in the form of balls does not allow the contents of the pillow to thicken, and design of the zippered cover makes it possible to adjust the height of the pillow individually, as well as wash the cover, after removing the filler from it. Pay attention to the fact that the pillow has a clearly "male character" - it is firm and dense. The cover, quilted with natural sheep wool, absorbs perfectly any moisture, which can appear during the hot season.

Helpful hint: Please note that the cover is made of natural wool. When washing, it can shrink noticeably. Therefore, wash the cover from the pillow "Lotus" by hands in cool water, do not wring it and do not dry it in the drum, and after washing, spread out, giving it the original shape.

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