Pillow Billerbeck Rondo NK 50x70

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velvety soft microfibre fabric, 100% polyester, quilted with AIRSOFT® clean, with zipper
Novel, open-pored, high-tech visco foam, with AIRSOFT® fleece cover, 100% polyester
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Core of supporting, circular cylinders
Particularly high pressure relief
Can be used on both sides and very dimensionally stable
Removable cover, with zipper
Cover washable up to 95 ° C
Suitable for allergy sufferers
Developed by the billerbeck Foundation Sleep & Health®

The comfort core of supporting, circular cylinders from RONDO is extraordinary. It consists of a soft-elastic foam - free of any adhesives. The core combines softness with dimensional stability.
It is stretchy, light and cold-insulating. The open cylinders also ensure a sleep-inducing temperature regulation. Thanks to this combination, RONDO adapts itself to the shape and position of the head and allows a particularly high pressure relief - ideal for sleepers with highly sensitive neck. Because the specially developed pillow shape embeds the head, shoulders and spine in a body-appropriate position and can thus prevent tension. RONDO is ideal for people who are very active in sleep and move a lot. The velvety cover provides a particularly cuddly comfort.

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