Pillow Billerbeck VARIOLUX

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Fine satin with aloe vera finish, 100% cotton, quilted with AIRSOFT®, 100% polyester
Novel, open-pored, viscoelastic high-tech foam
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The viscoelastic core adapts perfectly to the shape of the head
Ideal for abdominal and waterbed sleepers
Allows for a body-appropriate sleeping position
Higher air permeability than conventional viscoelastic foam
Removable cover, with zipper
Sheath washable up to 60 ° C
Suitable for allergy sufferers
Developed by the billerbeck Foundation Sleep & Health®

Thanks to the air-permeable core, VARIOLUX optimally adapts to the shape of the head and the anatomical conditions in the neck area. It keeps the position of the head stable longer - even after twists. The rounding on the two sides give the cushion extra compactness when changing sleeping position. The pleasantly soft core combines softness and material resistance. The "memory foam" foam "remembers" the load: After a body movement, the neck support cushion remains briefly in its original form, before it adapts to the new pressure behavior. The result is an ergonomic, ergonomic sleeping position that can relieve tension. The soft and elastic pillow is suitable for abdominal and flat sleepers. In addition there is the refinement with skin-care and anti-inflammatory aloe vera.

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