Duvet Billerbeck Victoria Cassette K-2

  • 4 150 грн.

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Filler weight:
Blue flowers
Downproof teak, 100% cotton; 1 side: printed fabric, 2 side: unicolor
"Warmth points" Billerbeck:

very warm

Goose down 90%, goose feathers 10%
- +

Purpose: a very warm winter duvet for a cold room or for people with high heat needs..

Cassette duvet "Victoria K-2" is extremely warm and can warm you even if the bedroom is very cold. The cassette design of the duvet cover is the most perfect, since it ensures an equal distribution of filler throughout the duvet and eliminates such an unpleasant phenomenon as getting down from the duvet to the outside.

You can be absolutely sure that this is a duvet of an European  quality.  And it is quite warm for a cold apartment, taking into account surprises of our winter, even if your apartment is heated poorly.

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