Pillow Billerbeck Daunalex

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fine twill, 100% cotton, hydrophilic, with zipper, padded with white new arctic down, 100% down
cuddly soft VITA TALALAY® latex core with different high waves, removable Foam insert plate
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Down soft feeling
Height adjustable by removable insert plate
Removable cover, with zipper
Various high waves for the desired height adjustment
Sheath washable up to 60 ° C
Developed by the billerbeck Foundation Sleep & Health®

An exceptional blend of a supportive and ergonomic neck support pillow and a soft down pillow is provided by DAUNALEX®. In the top of the cover a cuddly filling of high-quality down is sewn into a chamber. Added to this is the ergonomic core made of latex, which is particularly dimensionally stable and durable. The open-pore cell structure ensures that the air gets into the core and can circulate there. This increases temperature regulation and lying comfort. The core has different waves for different lying positions. There is also a removable foam insert, which makes the cushion height-adjustable.

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